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Jonathan has moved to a wiki! Please visit the wiki for the latest updates. A new version of the application that gets the data from the wiki is under development, and will be made available shortly.

Project Description
Jonathan - God Given. Jonathan is much like the currently available Bible reading programs, with one difference. With Jonathan, you can read other Spiritual Texts that are outside of the Bible. Jonathan hopes to help some reach Spiritual Enlightenment by increasing wisdom through a larger library of reference.


Jonathan started out as just a simple application that allowed the user to read different versions of the bible. Now it has become so much more. Now, you can read through a whole library of spirital texts/reference, search through it all, add notes, get cross references, and much more.


The reason I uploaded Jonathan to CodePlex is because of all of the code that was created to support the application. Below is a list of code features you can find in Jonathan. Go the the Source Code Tab and check them out!

  • Tabber
    • The tabber is just what it's name says it is. It is a tab control that allows for tab groups. With the tabber, you can dock your tabs to any group, and move them all around, create new groups, and so forth.
  • SharpDB
    • Sharp DB is the Database the Jonathan used to store/retreive information. This database was created for the project, and is the only place you can currently find it. I created the database because I was tired of writing SQL and using third party dlls. With SharpDB, everything is internal, and you use 100% C# code for queries.
  • Webber
    • The webber is just a wrapper for the WebBrowser control in .NET 2.0. This wrapper allows many additions to the WebBrowser control to support all I need. This webber does not need the reference to Microsoft.mshtml.dll - An article I wrote covering this issue can be found here: Remove Microsoft.mshtml Dependency at CodeProject

Well, thats about all I have right now, please be sure to drop me some comments. Also, if you know of a Text that you would like in Jonathan, please let me know by posting it in the Discussions page. Thanks.

Additional Downloads for Jonathan can found under the Releases Section, or by clicking one of the links at the top of the page.

  • 10/29/08 - Added Easton's Bible Dictionary to Reference Section under Releases.
  • 10/27/08 - Added The Douay-Rheims Bible to the Bibles section under Releases.
  • 10/27/08 - Added The Darby Bible to the Bibles section under Releases.
  • 10/27/08 - Added The Youngs Literal Translation to the Bibles section under Releases.
  • 10/27/08 - Added Webster's Bible to the Bibles section under Releases.
  • 10/27/08 - Added Weymoth's New Testament to the Bibles section under Releases.
  • 10/25/08 - Jonathan 1.3.5 has been released! - Nobody is leaving comments, so I don't always know when something is broken. Jonathan 1.3 had some errors that are fixed in this latest release. Please be kind and let me know when something is not working properly by leaving a comment , review or discussion. Thanks!
  • 10/24/08 - Added The Book of Jasher to the Spiritual Texts section under Releases.
  • 10/24/08 - Added the Qur'an (Koran) to the Spiritual Texts section under Releases.
  • 10/22/08 - Jonathan 1.3 has been released!

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